Mon Chéri

Posted on: April 26, 2017

Levi Hall, my darling. Happy 9th birthday my clever, witty, humble, lovely boy. I hope I give you a life of exploration, be the wind in your sail for that spirit of love and gratitude. You stay hungry for that appetite to experience the world, you feel loved beyond measure and know I’m always your safety net and point b. Keep that penchant to be daring, curiously compelling with that streak of mystery and to always always my love, stay wild at heart. Sweet Levi, Thank you angel for making me the women I am today…you have made me stronger, smarter, lovelier, happier and more fulfilled than anything in life has brought me. My cup has runneth over. I love you my golden boy. Forever and always lywtmb

❤️ x mommy


Posted on: February 14, 2017


I’ve sat here for a hour trying to come up with  some type of words to describe my love for you sweet boy. But that is just the thing, there are no words written to describe my love for you. You are smart and beautiful and clever and wonderful every single inch of you. I remember that day i fought a grueling labor to bring you into this world, flesh on flesh,  I laid my eyes on you and knew i would never possibly love another human this way. You gave me the best gift of all, the most fulfilling gift of all was becoming your mother. I love you my angel forever and always mon chéri. 




Posted on: February 7, 2017

Valentines day Gift Guide
tis’ the season for Love. Contrary to what your mother might say, you don’t actually have to have a  boyfriend Valentines by the 14th.. But if you’re into that sort of thing,  I have some Gucci for you. If not, good news…I still have some Gucci for you.

La perla lingerie
$445 –

Gucci leather flat

Yves saint laurent shoes
$800 –

Gucci floral purse

Gucci crossbody

Cartier star jewelry

Case Mate iphone case
$37 –

Gucci studded belt
$300 –

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

Byredo vetiver perfume
$230 –

La Mer lip treatment
$56 –

New Year New Baby

Posted on: January 29, 2017

This month has been a wild one. I spent most the month in Paris , but had a turn of events. I was flying from Nashville to New York …. I totally lost my passport and supposed to travel to Paris that following night…. so I get an appointment for 1 pm the following day for a last minute exp. passport however my flight is at 9:30pm, they can’t promise I will have it in time as I don’t have my birth certificate and paperwork etc. . I am advised to go to the passport office at 5 am to get in line… however I need passport pictures. I land in New York at midnight -United tells me they lost my bag. Yay. On the brink of behaving like a toddler and pitching a crying mess in the airport – they finally find my bag (praises). I go home to print all the paperwork.. at 3 am shower so I don’t look like a total troll in my picture after 5 different pharmacies trying to find ONE OPEN that does passport pics, graces -I find one. This point it’s 5:20 am I rush downtown the cab driver was new and I wasn’t paying attention so had to redirect him the correct route… at this point I’m on a brink of the Faye Dunaway in mommies dearest. I could barley  contain myself!  I pay him, get in line at the passport office and realize I left my pictures in the cab. I  jump back in a different cab, go uptown to get another set of pictures. The sweet manager gave me a hug and free pictures I was kind of laughing/crying/hysterics after being up 30 hours straight…. rush back down town… now I’m in line in 32 degrees looking to get my passport… I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Next thing you know 6 hours later I had my passport and was in Paris.

On a much better note this is our new puppy Santa brought us! Levi decided to name him Champ which is quite fitting for him.We are so happy and excited to have a new little member of our family.





How were your holidays?



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